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How to Study for the LSAT: Steps to Ace the Test

How to Study for the LSAT: Steps to Ace the Test

LSAT also known as Law School Admission Test is a standardized test conducted by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) to assess the student's skills for law school. LSAT has 3 three sections- analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension to examine the reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills of a student. The strategic preparation for the LSAT test allows the potential students to develop their skills for success in law school as well as to become a successful lawyer.

Before we get started with the LSAT Prep, let's have a look at the various sections, time duration and quantity of questions in LSAT.

LSAT Section No. of Questions Time
Logical Reasoning  I 24-26 35 minutes
Logical Reasoning II 24-26 35 minutes
Logic Games 22-24 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 26-28 35 minutes
Experimental Section 22-28 35 minutes
Writing Sample 1 Essay 35 minutes

Steps to Prepare for the LSAT

Step 1: Create a Study Schedule

It is important to manage your time efficiently for the LSAT prep because studying a few months before the test will not be going to work. You need to plan which subjects on which day you will study and assign specific hours to ensure that you spend enough time on each subject. Plan to study for the LSAT on your own for at least four to six hours a day. If your schedule includes long hour study sessions, make sure to take short breaks every time to rest your mind.

It doesn't matter how many months you're preparing, but always make the most of your time to get a better result. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with the test pattern and the more confident you are to provide accurate answers.

Remember that you stick to your study plan consistently and adjust it as per your requirement.

Step 2: Take practice tests

Practice is an effective method to be successful and helps to accomplish one's goal. Regular LSAT practice allows students to solve more and more complex questions. You can take various online and offline practice tests to improve your performance on the LSAT. This is the perfect way to improve your speed skills and get familiar with the test day questions.

Consider taking practice tests under real test-day environment. Keep the time management in mind as you don't use your phone for timer because you won't have your phone on the test day.

Step 3: Find the right study material

Choosing the best study material is necessary for your LSAT prep, there are a lot of good books out there in the market but which is best for you? You need to do some research for that before investing thousands of bucks for one or two study materials.

Always go for the latest edition and renowned authors so that you get the latest and updated content.

Find materials that will give you a mixture of studying content and practice questions.

Material with the explanations for why the answers are right or wrong.

Step 4: Pay more attention to logical reasoning

If you want to score high in LSAT test then you need to do well on Logical Reasoning. Because the Logical Reasoning section makes up half of your LSAT score. So if we say in a different way that the amount of time you spent on Logical Reasoning is twice the value then spend time on some other section.

Step 5: Don't skip your weak areas

Although you want to give more time to concentrate on logical reasoning because it carries the highest weightage in the test. This does not mean that you need to ignore other sections of LSAT. Many of the students face difficulty in the logic games section as it requires more preparation. Each section has its own importance, and failure in any part can cost you a lot. So it's better to prepare for every aspect of the LSAT test without any if's and but.

Step 6: LSAT Test Day Prep

You have to do well on test day in order to get the most from your months of LSAT study. It is not only a matter of answering the questions properly but also answering as much as you can within the time frame. The test will be scheduled so you need to plan the LSAT test day activities before the actual test day. You should reach the test centre before the time to avoid any last-minute rush. Don't forget to carry your LSAT Admission ticket and other items allowed on the premises. Being prepared for the test day will help you to do your best and score well.

Step 7: Practice the LSAT writing sample

The LSAT writing sample is meant to test how well you can make a decision and develop an argument about a specific topic. Even it is not a part of your LSAT score but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter. You will be asked to write an essay on an assigned topic in 35 minutes, and the copies of your writing sample will be submitted to law schools along with your LSAT score as an official record. Just spend your little time practicing the sample writing, and that's going to be enough.

If you follow these steps, you will have a distinct advantage over the LSAT. Scoring high grades will not only help to secure you a place in a top law school but can also help you get merit-based Scholarships.


- Naveen Singh

An enthusiast blogger